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I am a business strategist who helps cake business owners create a real business, I want you to have the best support and advice you can get, after I invested in myself to turn my business around, and got that help and support. I ran my own cake business the wrong way for years ! Now I am here to stop you making the same mistakes, and earn real money from your passion...your cake business.

I invested heavily in myself and my knowledge, and over the past 11 years I have helped hundreds of cake business owners start, grow or turn their own cake businesses around.Now I want to show you how to take the first step on your own journey, or I can hold your hand throughout....let's get you making real money and learn from me...

How I can help you

Learn How To Price Correctly !

80 % of cake business owners are winging it in terms of business. I did !Change .you and your business and make real money using my Best Selling Online Course, which includes my signature pricing formula C.H.O.P, and methods, and price your way to success. Take a look NOW at this online 6 video & download course !

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“I love this course and it changed how I think about my cake business.Diana has produced many cake business courses, and this one doesn't let you down”

— Andrea Brown


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