Turn your passion into a successful cake business.

Have you ever wished that someone could just tell you how to start or transform your cake business into the success you know it could or should be ?

If the answer is Yes then let me help you. I am Diana The Cake Biz Coach and with 20 years experience of the cake business, combined with teaching cake decorating at University, teaching and coaching cake business owners from large companies to home based cake businesses, together with consultancy work for large household food brand name and writing for a magazine I have the experience and knowledge to guide and assist you .

How I Can Help You Succeed in the Cake Business
Love making cakes, want to start a cake business but have little or no business experience ? Then let me help you set up your business on the right track from day one . I will guide and support you whether you are in the planning stage or have just started. Lets do this the right way ….

Are you already running a cake business but stressed out with pricing , marketing and finding customers . Are you fed up of haggling with the cheap cake hunters and burning the midnight oil to get that cake finished. Well step back and let me help you with lots of free support, advice and guidance via my blogs,and facebook groups . This site is still underconstruction so keep checking back and on Facebook for my official launch ….

The Cakepreneur Membership – Now More Accessible !!!!!!


Full Access to the Cakepreneur Programme Learning Materials for 12 months

  • Month by Month Learning Bundle for 12 months
  • Downloadable Work Books, Assessments
  • Videos


All the privileges/benefits of the SUCCESS STEPS LEVEL

  • PLUS Personal/Individual Mentoring by The Cake Biz Coach Via 3 Monthly (1 Hour) Video 1:1 to assess your progress to help you to progress !
  • It’s all about Accountability, and personal guidance at this level of Mentorship.


All the privileges/benefits of the MASTERMIND LEVEL 

  • PLUS Monthly ‘Open Door’ office access* to The Cake Biz Coach via Video PLUS
  • Whatsapp Access to The Cake Biz Coach*
  • Exclusive ‘ Blue Sky’ Day, Face to Face* with other VIP Members for a days Masterminding and Lunch with The Cake Biz Coach.
It matters not that you haven’t started running your cake business yet or that you have been running your cake business for a while . This book gives you the key, the secret, to being a success in the cake business.

Say goodbye to haggling with customers over the price of your cakes , say goodbye to burning the midnight oil just to finish that last order . Say goodbye to working for less than the minimum wage, being stressed out  and hello to living the life that you want .

Say hello to being successful in the cake business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get Free Advice For My Cake Business ?
My passion is to inspire men and women to run a successful cake business and my aim is to provide as much Free adivce and guidance as I can via this websites blogs and via my social media pages . This is the type of advice and guidance I wish I had all those years ago when I started my own cake business, so check out my social media pages and fill your boots with my Free advice x
I Haven't Started My Cake Business Yet ?
It doesn’t matter if you haven’t started your cake business yet. You may be working in another job/career and want to escape the 9 x 5 hamster wheel and actually be there to enjoy your family or leisure time by running your own successful cake business.  This is a perfect time to join myself and the team at CBC so that you set your cake business up correctly from the get go ! This will save you years of stress and hard work as I pass on the lessons I have learn’t together with the advice and guidance to assist you on your journey to running a successful cake business.
I Don't Think My Cakes Are Good Enough
If I had a pound for every time I heard this I could be rich . I will give you all the help and guidance I can via this site to help you to start or run a successful cake business and you can do it . You can also learn the methods and techniques you need to help you make your cakes the best cakes in your area believe me . I will continue to teach ‘Bespoke One to One Private Tuition’ in the Midlands, in the UK with a carefully devised learning plan and agreed learning outcomes . These places are limited and book up quickly . See the Bespoke Private Tution on the Serices Page for more details .
Why Should I Listen to the Cake Biz Coach ?
People buy people they say so hop over to the Facebook page and apply to join the Free Cake Biz Face Book Group. There you will see and hear me and you can judge for yourself. In the meantime take a look at the About Me page on this site. I use the support of experts as well as my own knowledge gained from bloody hard graft and study in the cake business to help and support you my cakey friends .
I am not based in the UK
That’s fine. I have coached many of my ‘Cakeprenuers’ from as far a field as India, Nigeria, Jamacia, Australia and New Zealand. As a Coach I use the whizzardry of modern technology to hold face to face meetings over the internet and record them for you. Don’t panic as all you need is a mobile phone, tablet or a laptop and I send you a link. Simples .
Are all your Face to Face workshops in the UK ?
At present all of the planned Cake Biz Coach on Tour workshops are UK based but we have plans to take them overseas . We have two workshops at present , Our Cake Boss – How to Start a Successful Cake Business and our   ‘Rock Your Cake  Business’ for those who have started and need to speed their way to Cake Business Success !

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