Hello Again,

Naming your cake business is one of the biggest and most frequent questions I get asked by my ‘Cakepreneur’, and cake business owners when they decide to rebrand.

I really wish I had one of those automatic number generators, but one for words so that I could help with naming your cake business.

So, here is a sample of my Amazon Best Selling Book ‘Cake Biz Success‘ which is crammed with loads of excellent advice, on naming your cake business and finding your individual brand and logo, to help you stand out from the crowd.

Be careful with naming your cake business, but then again don’t take too long over quite a simple task, just follow a few simple guidelines.

There is lots more help and guidance to assist you in naming your cake business and to help you to reach your very own cake business success, in the book.

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Here goes, here is a sample on naming your cake business.

When giving advice on naming your cake business I have to ask myself, who am I to advise you on naming your cake business.

I have previously made the mistake of not thinking a cake business name through. In fact, when Jo and I set up The Cake Decorating Academy seven years ago we called ourselves Buttercream and Bows!

Now that didn’t say cake decorating school did it!

(Mind you we weren’t alone as apparently ‘Apple’ sells phones and laptops etc., and ‘Sky’ is a TV Channel and ‘Virgin’ and airline!) 🙂

But having realised our error and lived with it, I can now pass on the little nuggets of advice I have gathered and learned along the way, in relation to naming your cake business.

But I strongly recommend that you make it clear from day one, you are a cake making business.

Something too general such as ‘Diana’s Creations’ may make it difficult for people searching online for cake maker in their area.

Whereas ‘Diana’s Cake Creations’ gives an indication of what your business might have to offer.

This doesn’t have to be quite as straightforward as having the word cake in your business name, but including a reference to cakes, cake decorating, baked goods or pastries will certainly be helpful to cake customers trying to find you.

The next thing you need to consider when naming your cake business name, is giving yourself room to grow, as you don’t want to limit yourself in the future.

‘My Cake Pop Company’ might sound tempting, but what happens in five year’s time when you want to add cupcakes and wedding cakes to your cake portfolio.

My cake pops, cupcakes and wedding cakes doesn’t have the same ring to it, and is far too long. You may already be offering cupcakes and wedding cakes, but your name doesn’t suggest this.

Therefore don’t limit the future success of your cake business by using a name that is too specific or shuts the door to expanding your cake portfolio in the future.

Legally there is only a limitation on limited company (Ltd.) names in the UK, and those business names protected by copyright, and trademark. Such as Disney for example.

Best to check with Companies House to make sure when you are naming your cake business, that the name is not already registered as a business. Also, check for any copyright name infringement too. You can do this online too.

If you are a sole trader and not a limited company, there is no limitation on what you can name your cake business, as far as Companies House is concerned, as you don’t have to register with them. There may be copyright infringement though! Do check online.

An example of naming your cake business :

There can, of course, be a ‘Pandora’s Little Cake Creations’ in every town and village of the UK, if you are a sole trader, but there can only be one limited company with this name.

This gets a wee bit confusing, though, when potential cake customers are trying to search for your cake business on the internet.

They may come across a ‘Pandora’s Little Cake Creations’ in another town, which might not have the same branding, ethics or values as your cake business. It may have a poor website and its reviews may not be great either. So be aware. It is the risk you take when using another cake businesses name.

Plus it is possible that the domain name on the internet is already taken, together with the social media names for the ‘Pandora’s Little Cake Creations’.

Once again it is essential that you check for any trademark and copyrighted names too as you want to ensure you are original and safe legally.

Family names are safe, if sometimes boring when naming your cake business.

Carters Bakery, Jones Cake Shop etc. Maybe not the most creative method of a naming a cake business, but it does get the job done.

Try and avoid quirky business names as they can be polarising.

Some start off by being cute names, but get very stale quickly. As a general rule of thumb, avoid names that will be embarrassing every time you answer the phone.

(Now I’m not going to give examples here, as I don’t want to offend anyone, but I think you get what I mean!)

There are a few naming formulas that have worked for others cake businesses, in the past, so if all else fails, give them a try when naming your cake business.

Object + Product = Red Door Cakes, Bluebird Cakes, Passion Flower Cakes


Geographical + Product = Four Oaks Celebration Cakes, North Lane Cakes, Little Venice Cake Company*

I would suggest going back to the branding exercise in my book ‘ Cake Biz Success’  and see what colours you are going to use for your branding and perhaps choose an object from that colour palette.

Bluebell Cakes, Sunflower Cakes, The Pastel Pink Cake Company, White Lily Cakes, Silk Orchid Cake Company. I hope you are getting the idea.

But whatever you do don’t limit your brand straight away when naming your cake business.

If you are not 100 % sure that you will only be supplying a particular cake product, such as macrons, cupcakes or cake pops, in the future, then once again don’t limit yourself when naming your cake business as you may become the go-to person for macron wedding towers in the future. You never know where your cake business will take you.

Maybe use your own name when naming your cake business?

Diana Catherine – Bespoke Wedding Cake Artist

Diana Catherine – Sugarcraft Artist and Wedding Cake Specialist

Once you have settled on a name it’s now time to look for or design a logo.


Logos are easily identifiable symbols, text and or images that represent your cake business as a unique brand.

Logos are very important as they say ‘Emily’s Couture Cake Company ‘in one small symbol or group of words.

Having a logo for your cake business is non-negotiable really in my mind.

Take a look at those websites and brands that you identified with when you were choosing your brand colours. What does their logo say about them?

Remember we spoke about the Morrison’s rebrand, and how they had incorporated ‘since 1899’ in their logo.

Maybe this was to give a sense of how well established they are. The ear of wheat, or is it a golden tree (I’m not sure), which they have now included in their new logo, does it make you think of natural products from the earth perhaps.

* Little Venice Cake Company belongs to Mitch Turner.

You can design your logo yourself or get a friend to do, it or maybe outsource your logo designing. Remember though that it is your brand, your cake business success bus and you are driving it, so be prescriptive if you outsource this.

There are numerous people and companies, on the internet, who will design your cake business logo and charge around £25 or less.

But don’t hang about though with making or with the design of your logo, and wait until it is perfect, just pick one and go with it. Too many cake businesses never progress as the owners get bogged down in ‘false busy’ tasks.

Logos are very important as they say ‘Emily’s Couture Cake Company’ in one small symbol or group of words.

So enjoy creating your logo or branding your cake business with a new logo but don’t take too long. Go with good and move on as you can get lost in rebranding and take your eye off cake business success.

If you want even more advice just download my book ‘Cake Biz Success‘ or order it via the link in paperback.

I hope this has helped

Diana x

The Cake Biz Coach