So it’s 3 o’clock in the afternoon just getting the last cake out the oven and the telephone rings

Lady on the end of the telephone who explains that she is ringing from the local bridal shop in my area and that they have chosen as You, yes you as THE ONE AND ONLY local cake business to appear in their lovely magazine.

The actual magazine that they give to all their brides when they coming to choose their dress ! 

Imagine that my wedding cakes or cupcakes or biscuit favours being the one Cakes their brides get to see in the area! 

By now you are over the moon and giddy with excitement. You have finally been recognized for your great bakes and that they have actually chosen you ! 

Back on the telephone the lady goes on building you up. outlining that it’s in the right market for you and a no brainer really.

She also reminds you that brides are your ideal cake customer. and then it will only cost you X amount to appear in this prestigious magazine.

Bingo it is everything you have ever wanted! 

She may even throw in the dreaded C word ‘ Charity’, to pull at your heartstrings even more.

Your head is still swimming. You have got the recognition you deserve. How could you not put an advert in this local bridal magazine! 


Firstly you will have your monthly marketing budget. How does this spend fit in with that spend? 

Your marketing budget this month might be accounted for on another spend. so are you really going to spend next months marketing budget, or the month after ?

You have identified your ideal cake customer, and your ideal cake selling ground, the so called ‘ Happy Hunting Ground’ I talk about in my book ‘ Cake Biz Success ‘ .

Does this wedding magazine sit in the right area and attract the right customers ? Your Ideal Cake Customers.

Firstly let’s deal with the charity side of the call. Self as to whether you give to charity but I do

But having been in the industry for a long time and having had numerous calls to donate to the local school fate the local PT a the blah blah blah for a hamper and I’ll give out my leaflets I sat back and thought what am I doing

I therefore looked at my own charity conscious and realised that I was already supporting my local hospice by donating Nixon next to the charity shop donating furniture when I bought new stuff to the furniture store I also bought their Christmas cards and gave into their collections

I also don’t knighted to the Macmillan Cancer nurse charity one close to my heart so therefore my charity conscience was clear and did not have to spoil my marketing budget

I then looked at my marketing budget and at my ideal customer and reflected on what’s this a good use of my marketing budget to reach this ideal customer or was there more cost-effective way of reaching this ideal customer

I could’ve taken the plunge and on ahead with the advert and run it for the 12 months to evaluate the return I got on my investment what I call my customer acquisition cost take a look at the blog on customer acquisition cost


I could approach bridal shops and wedding planners in my desired market area and ask them if they would like a beautiful display dummy in their window to help with their display

The cost of this I worked out was for cheaper than paying for an advert as it gave me window space and shop window for my design

So I got suited and booted and took my portfolio around two but 10 wedding shops and at least to said yes

For me that was a better cost-effective way of reaching my desired customer my bride

So here’s my quick guide on how to deal with this charity marketing call

  1. Thanks for calling very much for choosing you and explain that you are busy at the present time and would it be possible for them to call you back tomorrow as you are not the sole decision maker and would have to run it past the second party. This prevents them switching to the this is a one-time offer only available today at a discount . Then take that 24 hours to look into your charity Conchas and your marketing budget and desired market to make the decision yourself.
  2. Maybe ask for a free sample of the booklet to see the style and content to make sure it fits in with your branding.
  3. If this magazine is going to be given away to anybody in the shop do a test purchase, going with a friend for five minutes just to peruse.Make sure that the magazines are on display also that you get offered a magazine or directed to them.

There are lots more coping strategies in the book ‘Cake Biz Success’ so go and download it now.