Pricing Your Cakes For Success




No more guessing! Leave behind the uncertainty as to whether or not you are paying yourself a decent wage or not.

This course contains some real money-saving advice especially regarding saving on paying tax.

This is a multiple video, workbooks, and handouts mini-course that you must take !!!

This courses will open your eyes believe me, and will introduce the need to add a profit margin to your cake costs, as well as paying you a real wage!

Find out how to use my signature C.H.O.P formulas to price your cakes correctly and get you on the road to success, where you can work fewer hours, and earn more money.

So let’s get you clear on your cake business pricing and get you working for real money in your cake business, by getting your pricing correct from day one in order to achieve your goals.

This course is a MUST have.



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