We all know that we need to market to attract our Ideal Cake Customers to your cake business, as without these Ideal Cake Customers , you wouldn’t have a successful business, right?

Therefore marketing to them is TOTALLY ESSENTIAL to the success of your business, and if something is so ESSENTIAL, then you want to make sure that you get it right first time, and therefore a CAKE BUSINESS MARKETING PLAN helps you do this.

So that you can develop a CAKE BUSINESS MARKETING PLAN, you will need to set yourself some SMART marketing goals.


In case you haven’t come across SMART, before it means, Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-based.

If you are lucky enough to be one my signature CAKEPRENEUR MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM you will be very used to using this technique.

I also mention it in my AMAZON No.1 BEST SELLER ‘Cake Biz Success’, which has been like a bible to those starting or growing a cake business.

So, if you are setting a SMART goal, to increase your social media audience, you wouldn’t just say, “ To grow my social media followers”, you would be more specific and set a goal such as “To increase my Facebook followers by 50 by the end of Jan” so you are setting a goal that is measurable, realistic and within a time period.

We all love goals and we love ticking things off lists ?

Once you have set your marketing goals, you need to work out how you are going to achieve them. You need to develop a marketing strategy that includes tactics and actions, the actions you need to take to realize those objectives.

These actions, how you are going to measure them and the dates by which you want to achieve them form the basis of your marketing plan.

The question i am always asked is

Diana, my cake business is only small, do I really need a plan, can’t I just keep it all in my head and do what feels right on the day?

Well yes you can, and if I am being honest, we have all done it.

WARNING: unplanned marketing rarely works. You will be so much more successful if you follow a pre-prepared plan, rather than a haphazard, scattergun approach. A plan allows you to concentrate on specific goals or themes e.g. when you are building up to a promotion. And, if your marketing schedule is all planned out in advance and you can clearly see what you need to do and when, you will be way more productive, not wasting precious time every day trying to come up with marketing ideas.

We’ve all been there, scratching our heads, yes?


As well as structure and focus, another key benefit of having a plan in place is being able to measure progress against it. By measuring and tracking against your plan, you can see which actions work, and which don’t, so you know to do more of the good stuff and less of the BAD.

If something isn’t working, you can change your plan accordingly and try something else, but be careful to only change one thing at a time. If you change more than one, you won’t know which one has caused the good or bad result.

Therefore tracking your progress is key. You need to track regularly, weekly or monthly, whichever is appropriate to your goals, and resist the temptation to give up. Honestly, I have given up many a time but now I plan and measure everytime!

You may be finding it hard work, and ‘feel’ that things aren’t working and want to try something new. RESIST !!!!

PLUS your feelings and emotions can be up and down, day by day so don’t let them cloud your judgment of how successful you are or are not at this.

Once you start measuring you will find that the stats won’t lie. They will tell you whether your cake business marketing actions have worked or not.

Your marketing plan should be your friend and not your enemy.

You should keep it close, check in on it every day, nourish it (by feeding it new actions), care for it and it will work hard for you.

DO NOT prepare it on Day 1, stand back and admire, and then put it in a drawer to be forgotten about, or file in on your phone.

So, have I convinced you that you need a cake business marketing plan?

Go on, give it a go, I promise that you won’t regret it. And if you want some more help and advice with your business, take a look at my signature Cakepreneur Membership Program which will map out your learning and develop you as you go along.