If you want to make money selling cakes you must operate as a proper business!


Sorry, that was a bit blunt, but most cake businesses will most likely fail to earn any real money if they don’t.

At best you will have an expensive hobby!

In my book ‘Cake Biz Success‘, I describe lots of ways you can actually professionalize your cake business to ensure that you do make money from selling cakes.

My book also talks about the importance of your cake business brand too!

One of the most important things about your cake brand and something that will make you stand out from the crowd is your customer service.

Even if you are selling cakes from home, as you have just started, it matters not!

Customer Service

Creating a good customer experience is all part of your brand. Good customer service starts even when the person is not yet your cake customer!

I have talked at length in my FREE private Facebook group ‘ Cake Biz Success With The Cake Biz Coach ‘, about the steps you need to take to turn a complete stranger into a friend, a friend into a potential customer, and finally a potential customer into an actual paying cake customer.

(If you haven’t seen the videos apply to join our group or pop over to my YouTube Channel. You can subscribe for free, so that you don’t miss some more great advice.)

Well, this stranger will judge you on your customer service from day one!

The day they come across you on social media or your web site.

So its time to test out your customer service from the point of the enquirers first contact with you.

Here’s How Not To Do It!


This morning after days of suffering from a potential trapped nerve in my back I desperately need to book an osteopath appointment. To be honest, I would eat the dogs poo if it got rid of the pain.

It just so happens that I know someone who has just started an osteopath practice. Happy days…

I’ve liked and shared this new business on social media, as I always try and support local people.

Now I need to visit to get an appointment asap with her!

She has a great Facebook page so I message her.

(There isn’t a telephone number which isn’t unusual. Telephones can come with their own issues!)

Another few minutes were wasted hunting around her Facebook page for other ways to contact her too. It wasn’t clear how many avenues there were to contact her.

I did give up though, as the only other option was a rather complicated email address, which for the life of my very simple brain, I couldn’t remember every time I went onto my email account.

10 hours later still no reply from my inquiry!

I’m was not impressed.

Actually, the pain was so bad, my idea of supporting a new local start-up business had disappeared long before the ten hours were up.

I did what I should have done in the first place. I rang another Oestopath.

The next day I saw the other Osteopath. She now has all my custom funnily enough.

So how do you provide a great customer experience from the first contact?

Let’s translate this to the cake business, and selling cakes from home

How can we as cake makers provide a top level customer service experience even when we are selling cakes from home.

Well, bloody easy in fact!

Manage My Expectations


We are all busy baking, cake decorating and having family time and we should not be at the beck and call of every message.

I suggest, that it is best practice to have only one channel of communication. Manage that well, and you will provide a better customer experience when you are just starting out.

Either Instagram DM or Facebook Messenger, not both!

Stop hunting around the many channels and direct all inquiries to one channel.

Next, manage the expectations of that channel of your response time.

On your Facebook messenger maybe send me a bounce-back message suggesting an alternate way to contact you, or manage their expectations and let them know when you will reply!

‘….sorry we are making our delicious chocolate creations at the moment, and therefore we promise to get back to you within 12 hours/asap/by 6 pm.’

There are also messenger bots out there that will give the potential customer options such as Price Lists, Order Query, Order Forms even!

Research them and use technology to assist in developing great customer service from day one!