Photographing your cakes – how to get the best photographs of your cakes

If there is one thing that will make you stand out above your ‘cakey’ competitors, it will be how you handle photographing your cakes.

You may have read in my book, ‘ Cake Biz Success’, great pictures are crucial for the success of your cake business.

Quality photographs of your cakes will set you apart from others in the cake business.

Having great pictures of your beautiful creations and is as important as  naming your cake business 

Great quality photographs of your cakes, in terms of composition, lighting, staging, and of course picture quality, are essential.

It will be these that make you stand out from the crowd, in the cake business.

One good cake picture goes a long way, But so does a bad one!

Now don’t worry you don’t have a be a top photographer, or own very expensive fancy camera equipment.

Great pictures of your cakes are so important, so please take your time with photographing your cakes and bakes.

Good cake photographs are your best asset. 

It is worth investing in professional pictures being taken, especially when you are in the wedding cake market.

It doesn’t have to cost the earth either. Shop around.

Maybe team up with a wedding photographer and cross-promote each other and strike a deal.

As you know, if you have read my book, I ask you to be accountable for every spend you make in your cake business, in order to make a profit and be successful.

Now I wouldn’t be asking you to consider spending a portion of your marketing budget on having professional photographs taken of your cakes if I didn’t think you really needed too.

So, take your time and plan your cake collection photoshoot.

Get a few decorated dummies, or three, and locate a good photographer. I always did this and utilized the front and back of the same three-tier dummy, with different designs, to save time.

(No one ever knew that my stunning white and silver couture wedding cake was a blue christening cake on the other side!)

Photographing your cakes well is that important.

To save your marketing budget, you could find a local art college with students needing to build a portfolio.

Make inquiries, as you never know. Free or cheap is always the best when running a business.

One thing to note though is to make sure you direct the photographer when photographing your cakes. It is your brand identity. The staging and style are yours.

It’s your photo shoot, but you can always listen to suggestions.

Even if the photographer is your ‘other half’, or relative, make sure that you are in full control of your own cake shoot.

So, as I say over and over in my book ‘ Cake Biz Success’, this is your cake biz success journey. Never give anyone else the driving seat.

I am a firm believer in this as a successful strategy for your cake business. I have the scars and stories to back this up. You are running the cake photo shoot.

Maybe consider teaming up with a wedding photographer, and do some cross business promotion. Maybe even get down to a cost-neutral arrangement in exchange for promoting their pictures on your social media.

I am always watching the marketing budget you see! Another thing that needs to be at the forefront of any decisions you make.

But, if you are keen to take your own photographs, here are a few tips to help you along.

Photographing your cakes.

  1. Use natural light. Photograph them outside, perhaps on a garden table, even on a grey damp morning, the light will be excellent.
  2. If you haven’t purchased a cake backdrop, then use a white background so that it doesn’t compete with the detail and the colors on your cake.
  3. Maybe add staging and props to the picture. Flowers and lace gloves, or a string of beads, go down well with vintage cupcakes particularly.
  4. Most mobile phones have fabulous cameras on them these days. Don’t be afraid to play with the settings and angles of your pictures. You don’t need a super expensive camera to take stunning pictures of your cakes.
  5. Take lots of different pictures and isolate the detail on your cakes in a few of your shots.
  6. Maybe invest in one of those foldable photographic tents if taking pictures outside is not an option.


These are a few hints and tips on getting great pictures of your cakes and bakes, and I hope this helps you to your very own cake biz success.

Above all, please take the time to get some cracking pictures of your cakes. Plan it into your week.

Finally, I wrote my book, not to make me rich, or the be the best saleswoman I could be, I wrote it in order to help those in the cake business be the best they can be and to make it in the cake business.

There are lots of pitfalls, and many get lost working long hours for less than the minimum wage in their cake business, please do not let this be you.

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Don’t forget the book is only £5.99 to download

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Diana – The Cake Biz Coach