Here are some fabulous Halloween Witch Cake Pops.

Great to make with your little monsters during half term holidays and the  adults will love them too.

A great table centerpiece for your Halloween Party ! 

So for perfectly round fluffy halloween cake pops we, recommend using a Cake Pop Machine. I cannot stress enough how simple and quick these machines are to use. The best part about them is it is far easier for little ones to help you make the cake pops too.

This is actually the Cake Pop Machine I have had for years, and I have made wedding and baby shower cake pops in large amounts and very quickly using it. It does makes perfect cake pops, and it’s so fast, clean.

So hopefully you have got yours and can quickly make your cake pops according to a simple sponge recipe.

If you want to cheat here, why not use a cake mix from the supermarket.

We love the Betty Crocker cake mixes as you only have to add vegetable oil, eggs, and water.

To make things easier for you these cake mixes are available online too.

If you have Amazon Prime these cake mixes are cheaper than in the supermarket.

( I do use affiliate links to Amazon as I find you can find things cheaper sometimes. I make pennies from these links but it helps me to find writing time to create these blogs)

So you now have perfectly round cake pops.

Once they have cooled, decorate them according to the below instructions to make your scarily good halloween cake pops!

You Will Need.

1)  Melt the Green Candy Melts as per the instructions.  When at the desired
consistency, dip your cake pop stick into the melted mixure  (approximately 1.5
cms)  then insert the stick approx 1.5cm cm into the cake pop , and
leave to set upside down for 10 minutes.

2) Dip all of your prepared cake pops by holding their sticks , one at a time
, into the melted Green Candy Melt mixture. Then rest the cake pop
stick on the side of the bowl and gently tap stick to remove any drips.  Insert cake pops sticks into the styrofoam and leave
to dry.  Ensure you leave enough space in between cake pops so they do not rub against each other.

3) Next take a small amount of orange sugar paste, roll into a ball about the size of a walnut.  Place this ball into a garlic press and force through the sugar paste to produce long strands of orange sugar paste,which will resemble the
hair. If you have a grass nozzle you can force the orange sugar paste through that to produce the orange hair.

4) With your paintbrush and a small amount of cool water, moisten the
top of the cake pop and place the strands of hair into place covering the back
and sides, leave the front free for some really gruesome Halloween facial expressions.

5) To make the witches hats: Take some black sugar paste, about the size
of a walnut, and mould into a cone shape.  Use your index finger and thumb
to roll the end of the witches hat into a thinner point.  Press down on
the bottom on the cone to make the brim of the hat.  Roll out some
purple sugar paste, and with a sharp knife cut a strip for the ribbon
around the hat. Decorate with an orange square of  sugar paste
to produce the buckle or you could use sugar craft cutters to cut
out cat or bat shapes.

6). For
the mouth roll out a small thin disc of black sugar paste.  Using the
larger end of a piping nozzle as a cutter, press firmly down and cut out a
circle.  Place the nozzle over two thirds of the black sugar
paste circle, and press down to create a crescent shape for the
mouth.    Secure in position with a little water.

7). For
the eyes simple roll two small balls of black sugar paste and secure in place
with a little water.