The Gluten Free Cake debate has reared it’s head this morning again.

I have been asked by  a couple of cakers for a recipe for a gluten free cake.

This has caused me to write this blog on gluten free cakes. It is my personal view of gluten free cakes. You may not like my view, but once again I have your best interests at heart.Together with the best interests of your cake businesses.

By now you will  know if you have read my other blogs that I can be slightly controversial. Especially if you have read my blog on Flowers on Cakes .

So here is my take on selling gluten free cakes.

Gluten can be very dangerous to certain people, especially coeliacs to name but a few.

Please please know your cake customer. If they ask for a gluten free cake, ask them how important the absence of gluten is to them ?

Is it a slight food intolerance or a dietary lifestyle choice or are there very serious medical grounds for them needing a gluten free cake.

If it is the latter and avoidance of gluten is due to a serious allergy, then be aware though that unless you can borrow a Kitchen from NASA, where every microbe has been removed, you cannot guarantee that a grain of gluten cannot slip into your cake from anywhere.

️Please make your cake customers aware of this on your cake order form or contract !

Maybe include that although they have notified you of an allergy you cannot guarantee that their cake will be free of that substance, like gluten.

Can you guarantee that every product you use is free from gluten.

Once again I cover this in my book ‘Cake Biz Success‘ and more really important legal issues that may ruin your gorgeous cake business.

Is it worth the risk ?

I noticed the other day quite by chance that a bag of powdered icing sugar stated on the back ‘ May contain eggs’ ! This alarmed me but only went onto show that contamination of food products in factories is being taken seriously now.

We are entering a world of cross food contamination where everything will be labelled  ‘may contain nuts’. I feel very soon ‘ May contain gluten’ will follow.

Therefore, I personally avoid making cakes that are gluten free.

Please share in your cake communities and keep everyone safe … Love to all


The Cake Biz Coach